KASB Agro Solutions

KASB Agro Solutions

Sunday, 21 January 1900 12:00pm

Dealers of World Class Agriculture & Gardening Equipments

Our Motto


We believe in the concept of service and gain. Of course it is part of the game. Our motto is a greener India with wealthy farmers as they are the true backbone of Indian economy. We assure unparallel service and technical back up and strive for a healthy environment for all Indians with mechanization.

Here in KASB we work in a friendly atmosphere, each one helping others to do customer service comfortably and efficiently. The firm is a family concern where mother and sons are the partners. We have a family concept where each employee is considered as a family member. We maintain the same atmosphere for the dealers as well because we have a well-knit dealer network throughout the country.

We as well as our dealers take care of our customers to the best of our ability and ensure that spare parts and accessories are made available to them within 72 hours if stock is available in India. In the event of a stock out situation we arrange the same within 15 to 20 days or 30 to 45 days depending on the situation.

KASB has an open mind to the customer's suggestions and try to implement the right ones. We believe in interacting with customers so that we can understand their actual requirements and offer the right product for the right kind of application. Our marketing executive/ engineers are always on the move to end users premises to give live demonstrations and to explain the benefits and advantages of mechanization.

We do not believe in advertisements to get publicity nor do we usually participate in exhibitions or other sales gimmicks. Our satisfied customers are our big assets and advertisers who bring in more business through word of mouth, which is more efficient because it comes from an actual user.

We regularly conduct technical seminars for our dealers, customers as well as their representatives for maintenance, operation and repairs of the machines. Dealers and their representatives attend such seminars and get theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience about the machineries. 

Also KASB Agro Solutions offer their clients the most competitive price in the market and provide the best after sale services.