KASB Agro Solutions

KASB Agro Solutions

Sunday, 21 January 1900 12:00pm

Dealers of World Class Agriculture & Gardening Equipments

Our Promoter

Mr. Thomas Mathew the promoter of KASB Agro Solutions had over 19 years experience in Dubai, UAE marketing and purchasing varied agricultural, horticultural and construction equipment. It was his dream of establishing a business of his own in India that lead to the formation of KASB Agro Solutions. With a vision to increase efficiency among agriculturalist, he left his high paying job in Dubai and decided to migrate back to his homeland. He opted to start the importing and distribution of gardening and agricultural equipments within India.

He introduced STIHL brand of machinery to India. And was the sole importer of STIHL for over 11 years in India. When the turnover increased, STIHL came directly to India and started the marketing themselves and hence the distributorship was discontinued. He launched STIHL machines to a market that had not even heard of machines that cut trees or bushes. The concept was introduced through rigorous marketing and in due course of time the machines turned out to be household names that were widely marketed throughout India.

In fact many of the importers of similar machines had at some time been either a dealer or a staff of Mr. Thomas Mathew. It was knowledge, experience or expertise gained through him that enhanced them to the awareness and possibilities of such a market in India.